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thats the way

  • Kawa czy herbata część I

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    [...] a call Hhehe (1:19) botty call Hhehe (1:19) shake my booty baby Ted (1:20) no, shake your boobs baby %) Hhehe (1:20) buahahha Hhehe (1:20) lick my balls and say "i thats the way - aha -aha - i like it !" Hhehe (1:21) ted Hhehe (1:21) Hhehe (1:21) you've got greetz from grysik Hhehe (1:21) but i'm not her Ted (1:22) hmmmm.... Ted [...]

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  • Kontuzja barkow

    Zdrowie i Uroda

    Blood and guts bro, thats the way it goes

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  • zatoki.przyczyny?

    Zdrowie i Uroda

    [...] ty MASZ zatoki ... _______________________________ XXX Boofi XXX Hard Core Straight Edge "Blood and Guts bro , thats the way it goes !!" - lifter ? przyznaj SOG'a ekspertowi oska5 Wysłana - 23 maj 2006 09:12 Moderuj wypowiedź [...]

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  • Co powiesz na białeczko thats the way?

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  • Spis filmów o Sportach Ex

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    SKATE Zoo York Mixtape 1998 Zoo York Heads Phreak Zoo York Est 4 Extras Zoo York Est 4 Zoo York Est 3 Zoo York Est 2 Zoo York City Of Killers Extras Zoo York City Of Killers Zero Thrill Of It All Zero New Blood 2005 Zero Mislead Youth 1999 Zero Dying To Live World Industries Trilogy World Industries Rubbish Heap 1989 World Industries New World [...]

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  • odblok + meta


    [...] thus STRENGTH. OK. Now, lets delve into the metabolic chemistry behind dianabol's choice as a bridging agent. When are testosterone levels highest? Answer: In the AM, thats when. Your body releases a tesosterone spike in the morning. This is when tesosterone levels are highest. When are Insulin levels lowest? Answer: In the AM thats [...]

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    Polacy za granicą

    Logicznie to by bylo trzymac sie tego: $1000 to $1,000,000,000 in 4 years The Big Picture I wanted to share this information with the new traders, because they often forget about the long term picture and focus on huge gains at day one. You do not need 100 pip swing trades or huge gains everyday. All you need is 20 pips consistently. So, yes some [...]

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  • Liquidex


    [...] Its made by Purepremium labs so I dont know if it considered research or not. But are you saying that lyou can drink liquidex and have it be effective? Cause if thats the case I would prefer to drink it instead of injecting ED or even EOD. posted by Durabolin No legit medical co. makes anastrozole at this time EXCEPT for Zenneca [...]

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  • Szkoleniówki dla laika

    Sztuki Walki

    "Gracie Basic" w 3 czesciach jest bezkonkurencyjna jesli chodzi o totalne podstawy nie ma lepszego materialu dla poczatkujacych. ----------------- "If you dont smoke weed,u cant grapple for shit! Thats just the way it is!! Plus u aint cool!" "The real question: What does Margarida, Sudo, Nino, Zé Mário, [...]

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  • Wlasciwie mialem zamiar stworzyc w przyszlosci jakis wiekszy temat, ktory mial traktowac o motywacji i w ktorym takze mialo sie znajdowac troche przyslow, powiedzen bezposrednio lub posrednio zwiazanych z walka. Skoro jednak zostal zalozony juz taki temat dorzuce tutaj swoje 3 grosze. Nie wszystkie powiedzenia maja swojego autora. I am the most [...]

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  • Najlepsze highlighty !

    Scena MMA i K-1

    [...] the right kind of song for your fighter. Doing someone like Vanderlei Silva? Choose a fast paced song with lots of drums gitars ect. Doing Carlos Newton? Choose a song thats a little off the wall, will lots of energy and would provide a few laughs. Next up is what programs you will need. For doing the editing, I prefer adobe premiere. It [...]

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  • [...] the axis k? benny-tow: with what? ur wheelchair? benny-tow: lol did u mess up ur legs AND ur head? Hitler: ROFLMAO T0J0: lol o no america im comin 4 u Roosevelt: wtf! thats bullsh1t u fags im gunna kick ur asses T0JO: not without ur harbors u wont! lol Roosevelt: u little biotch ill get u Hitler: wtf Hitler: america hax, u had [...]

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  • Spis filmów o Sportach Ex

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    Filmy o tematyce skateboards 101 Falling Down 16 Below 303 Boards Let The Good Times Roll 303 Boards What Are You Doing 411vm 911 411vm Around The World 2 411vm Hot Dogs On Wheels 411vm Issue 67 411vm Mike Vallely Stand Strong 411vm Up For Grabs 411vm Volume 13 Issue 4 411vm Volume 14 Issue 1 411vm Volume 14 Issue 2 411vm Volume 14 Issue 3 5boro A [...]

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  • [...] and at the same time fight for the second fight of the gp. I think that this will be the most difficult challenge of my run. He weighs 110 kg, he has a very strong kick, thats why it is complicated,i have to be clever, and intelligent. what do you think about pride and the ufc working together? I think it is good. They are plaining very good [...]

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  • TRENING REG PARK'A 5x5 z 1950r.

    Z archiwum kulturystyki

    Posted by: THE_GAME Reg Park's program circa 1950 (from an old Iron Man issue from around 1985) Mon -Wed_Fri Barbell Curl 4x6-8 Seated Behind Neck Press 4x6-8 Bench Press 5x5 Barbell Row 4x6-8 Barbell Squat 5x5 Deadlift 5x5 I would typically lop 1 or 2 sets off each of the above exerciseswhen I was into this program hot and heavy. It was [...]

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  • [...] week Increase Lunges by 5 per set each week Increase Presses by 5 per set each week Increase Shrugs by 5 per set each week Make every 5th week an extended rest week And thats it, after you have completed this entire program you too will have added 10 - 13+ inches to your vertical. This program will improve your vertical, I'd offer a money [...]

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  • --- MR. OLYMPIA 2011 ---

    Aktualności - Kulturystyka i Fitness

    [...] ENOUGH OR IF YOU ASPIRATE AND NO BLOOD COME TO SYRNGE ....YET THERE IS BLOOD THERE...IT JUST STUCK FROM THE THICKNESS ,, OUR BLOOD IS PRETTY THICK AS YOU ALL KNOW,, so thats that,, i dotn want to hear anymore balonie about this i said here what it is ,, it is writen in bible for everyone to see,, 2. every one of us use this ,, we mainly [...]

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  • [...] point of view, I choose simple techniques etc, I don´t choose whatever suits me as JKD, if Kali, Muay Thai suits me I would call what suits me Kali or Muay Thai. But thats just me, and the Jun fan way of respecting every art, Kali and Muay Thai, as well as JKD and Bruce Lee. I guess that naming Kali JKD, or Gracie Juj Juutsu as bruce Lee [...]

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  • Dieta tłuszczowa do oceny

    Odżywianie i Odchudzanie

    [...] a bit > > woried about cholesteral which hasnt really crossed the mind > > of this thin, healthy 16 yr old. I know i can just throw > > away the yolk but thats jus waste plus yolk taste good. So > > how many are ok per day? > > > > I have some raw eggs in my milk shake but again mums worried > > about [...]

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  • [...] better or worse, I simply mean DIFFERENT, not better or not worse, just different I, as a certified Jun Fan/Ted Wong instructor don´t train the things Rick is showing, thats all I want to stress, there are other ways of training JKD. The reason is that the techniques according to jun fan/Ted Wong approach strays away too far from the 6000 [...]

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