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  • Goju Ryu

    forms of martial arts yet full of fighting spirit. the system is based on a concept that hard and stiff is not good however all soft and gentle can be equally harmful. the two should complement each other. this combination of the two gives goju

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  • ARNOLD SZWAJCENEGER-niecenzurowany wywiat

    a champion. if you can t go through that pain period, that dead point, then competitively you won t make it. oui: how do you deal with the pain schwarzenegger: i look forward to it, and when it starts, i tell myself that i have to go through

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  • Bardzo długi wywiad z Fedorem (ang.)

    interview in new year s issue of se fedor: i think i read it, but don t remember the details you don t remember, how chuck called you the best figher of all times and nations and added: there is noone in martial arts who could beat

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  • Jakim rodzajem chwytacza jestes?

    asking tudo bem he answer s his cell phone fala . he speaks in portuguese with the instructor when he talks about how to beat someone without wanting them to know it. he counts in portuguese. if you want to get on his good side and get him to

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  • 5-6 posilkow dziennie zrobi z ciebie grubasa ? **ang. DLUGIE**

    z www.renegadebodybuilding.com animal s diet from: animal on: 10/20/98 subject: 5 6 meals a day makes you fat!!!!!! how 5 6 meals a day makes you fat! that s right, and you read it here first. they make you fat. after i proved the farce of the

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  • Rob Terry

    competed placing third in the 2004 worlds. for the last two years, rob took the advice of a close friend who stressed how important it was to diet all year round. at first this change was hard, but then rob quickly felt the gains in strength

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  • Physical Attributes for BJJ

    any precision or power. as a matter of fact, it seems like the fighters are just playing patty cake with each other! how would you rate this boxing match if you had paid $2000 a seat to sit ringside you and your girlfriend , you d probably be

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  • Wywiad z Minotauro (ang.) - poniżej tłumaczenie by Weasley [PL!]

    2005/20050709150615 mma weekly: first off minotauro, congratulations on your victory at cc 2005. how did it feel to get back on the winning track antonio rodrigo nogueira: thank you, it felt very good last fight i

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  • Polecam ciekawy tekst o BJJ

    in helping their children develop focus, self control and confidence . i have been asked on several occasions how this, in fact, comes about. much has been written about the effectiveness of brazilian jujitsu as a fighting art and tool for self

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  • Abidi - wywiad (eng)...

    bercy last year! unfortunately i lost the final versus alexey ignashov. actully, i fight every year in marseille... how come we never see new talent from france ] i m sure there are new talents, espescially in light and middle weight

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  • Wywiad z ORTIZEM przed UFC 47

    z lee murrayem. boxinginsider.com: tito, thanks a lot for doing this interview with us. it s always a pleasure. how are you feeling tito ortiz: really good i m really, really healthy. i appreciate it. i m just going on training. i m doing

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  • Tito Ortiz - wywiad ( eng. )

    interview with tito ortiz by ryan bennett after three years of waiting, we finally get to see the big showdown between tito ortiz vs chuck liddell. earlier this month tito ortiz talked with mmaweekly about his up coming fight with chuck

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    poprawe. przede wszystkim dla wzmocnienia i bezpieczenstwa. w zyciu codziennym nie wykonujemy raczej pelnych ru how wiec cialo nie jest ewolucyjnie do nich przygotowane tak jak do krotkich. jesli wiec ktos ma mi do zarzucenia oryginalnosc i

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  • Strong Man Training Tips and advice

    all of the events all of the time, there should be a logical method in choosing which events to train and when and how to do them. we all have an event that we are either not good at or hate. that event cannot be ignored. it is probably even best

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  • Vanderlei Silva - nowy wywiad

    cause all the japanese fans want to see me fighting against him again, and everytime i fought sakuraba we made a good showing, so the public will have a good showing once again. venga: but what did you think of the japanese promoters putting

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  • Wywiad z Ignashovem z 17.11 (ang)

    q: first of all, congratulations on your win over mike bernardo. how much of a challenge do you feel that fight was for you a: that was a great challenge to me. with mike’s punching

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  • szkodliwosc trenu

    could cause weakening of the heart. the increase in prostaglandin activity is what makes tren such a wicked fat burner. however if it causes heart probs, it s not worth it whatsoever. skutkiem uboczny, ktory martwi mnie najbardziej, jest

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  • Słowianie dobrym materiałem na wybitnych sprinterów?

    czlek z polski napisal dla mnie słowa naprowadzające: i myself am of polish sprinter living in an germanic country, who have experienced difference between individs of polish and other slavic jugoslavs compared to germanic induviduals. in fact

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  • Old School Training-Stara Szkoła

    ćwiczeniom. to m.in. on rozsławił takie ćwiczenie jak cięcie piłą drzewa podobne ćwiczeni robili bokserzy w reality how contender .gdzie wytrenował sobie lewy prosty. inną bajką jest nietypowe uderzenie zwane bolo punch.czyli nietypowy cios

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  • Nowy produkt - Good night - wypróbuj i TY!!

    witajcie, przedstawiamy wam nasz najnowszy produkt odżywkę białkową o nazwie good night. podstawę produktu stanowi kazeina micelarna, czyli zdecydowanie największa składowa wszystkich białek mleka.

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