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  • Wywiad z Minotauro (ang.) - poniżej tłumaczenie by Weasley [PL!]

    2005/20050709150615 mma weekly: first off minotauro, congratulations on your victory at cc 2005. how did it feel to get back on the winning track antonio rodrigo nogueira: thank you, it felt very good last fight i

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  • SPAM ponownie otwieramy, gdyz szacunek do Dennisa Sivera epicki mamy

    ok moj pierwszy spam! tytul to suchar, ale przynajmniej oddaje w nim hold komu trzeba dupeczka w klimacie germanskim jawohl na czesc dennisa [img width=740 height=955]/sfd/images/2016/2/13/58b3a8fff8a447b3833e4af6f2f06fa9[/img]

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  • Książki o MMA

    witam udalo mi sie znaleźć kilka książek o mma w formie elektronicznej wszystkie w pdf . niestety po angielsku 2 , no ale jezeli kogos to nie zniecheca; moze znalezc tam cos dla siebie. mile widziane komentarze odnośnie tych pozycji 7

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  • Przetłumaczy ktoś mi to z ang. na pol. - PLIS

    it s been over an year since the recording, {950}{990} some things have already changed in the meantime. {1000}{1180} however, since our mirko whooped bob, and since we are all still {1180}{1240} euphoric, we couldn t resist not sharing with

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  • ARNOLD SZWAJCENEGER-niecenzurowany wywiat

    a champion. if you can t go through that pain period, that dead point, then competitively you won t make it. oui: how do you deal with the pain schwarzenegger: i look forward to it, and when it starts, i tell myself that i have to go through

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  • insulina (ang)

    with the fact that it is cheap and readily available, insulin has become a popular drug among the competitive athlete. however, before an athlete attempts to use insulin, he should educate himself and make himself aware of the consequences. one

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  • Goju Ryu

    forms of martial arts yet full of fighting spirit. the system is based on a concept that hard and stiff is not good however all soft and gentle can be equally harmful. the two should complement each other. this combination of the two gives goju

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    niemal identyczna filozofie treningowa jak ja sam. dostosowanie ruchu do cwiczacego, uznanie krotszych podstawowych ru how nauka podstaw zdrowegj koordynacji ruchowej i progres ciezaru celowo zmniejszony zamiast psujacej technike i stresujacej

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    no to jedziemy dalej.... : [img]/sfd/images/2015/4/26/884c2d23fbbf42888ebd7e912fb73418[/img] [img]/sfd/images/2015/4/26/64f56c6f58284fe096c06ecf479190c8[/img] [img]/sfd/images/2015/4/26/2531b9e291cb479b985231d2d01b1881[/img]

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  • Wywiad z Vitorem.

    insidefighting: vitor, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. vitor belfort: it’s no problem, man. how are you doing if: i’m well. thank you. how are you feeling talk to me about your mindset during your last week of serious

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  • Progression of the Bench

    to bench once you take the lift off. arch is obviously important as a method for shortening the range of motion. however, i believe it is also an important way to keep your entire body tight so that no strength is wasted. as an analogy, think of

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  • Wywiad z Minotauro - już przetłumaczony (post nr 7)

    of heavyweight champion. pride fighting championships : you ve had two fights since your surgery on both elbows. how do you feel about your return antonio rodrigo nogueira : i feel like i have completely recovered. i was injured in the

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  • Jak to robi mlodziez za wielka woda #1...

    at his first visit, aaron, age 18, told the psychiatrist he had no complaints but was coming to please his parents. “i have a lot of arguments with my dad, he said, “and they keep thinking something’s wrong with me. the patient was very

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  • Methyl 1-P Legal Gear -szto to?

    building sort of died in the 90 s. people know dhea doesn t build muscle. that left us one choice… progestins! how do progestins build muscle you ask well, not any old progestin will do, you have to look long and hard for the “right

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  • News

    more information on the 2006 fitexpo, please check their official website http://www.thefitexpo.com/ and for details on how you can get into the strongman contest, please contact odd haugen: odd.haugen@gmail.com iromind zmieniony przez x

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  • Wand: "Bennett to kłamca"

    or tamura, and two days before the event they ofered me twice to fight hunt, i accept it. www.portaldovt.com.br: how could you win that fight vs arona, if the only thing you did was 2 sprawls and those pointless kicks you got taken down

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  • Warrior Diet

    night supports all critical hormonal actions that are necessary for building tissue, healing and maintenance. most importantly, overeating at night can help increase the body s overall metabolic rate and therefore enhances its ability to burn fat.

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  • Jak to jest z ta glutamina???

    individuals muscle mass. yes, glutamine does regulate protein synthesis to a certain extent under some situations. however, you can t make it happen by taking it orally. don t let ads with some pro bodybuilder holding a bottle of glutamine fool

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  • Alistair Overeem vs Mark Hunt na Dream 5

    mark then went on and defeated mirko cro cop filipovic in his very next fight! this particular win is important to note because at the last dream event, alistair overeem, after his victory, took the microphone and publicly challenged cro cop,

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  • The Beast Vows to Destroy Kimo at Bellagio Press Conference

    a question, when i knock you out will you go into the fetal position or just lie out flat kimo: usually fighters how respect, but some of them have to learn respect, and on friday i ll teach sapp a lesson. some in the crowd, such as dutch

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