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  • witaminy?

    Odżywki i suplementy

    [...] addressing the requirement of ascorbate in exercising individuals. The second study concluded that blood vitamin C levels decreased in athletes ingesting 100 mg per day. A dietary intake of 300 mg/day maintained blood levels of the vitamin. This was some of the first evidence to suggest vitamin C needs are increased in those who exercise. [...]

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  • herbata zielona vs. czerwona

    Odżywianie i Odchudzanie

    [...] in India and China. A number of beneficial health effects are attributed to regular consumption of green tea and dried/powdered extracts of green tea are available as dietary supplements Green tea is prepared by picking, lightly steaming and allowing the leaves to dry. Black tea, the most popular type of tea in the U.S., is made by [...]

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    Aktualności - Sporty Siłowe

    [...] program can do is get you better at the big lifts. If that is verifiably happening over time (read the Benchmark Article), put a check box there and know the rest is diet. Hypertrophy gains can be lumpy over the short-term but over the mid to long term, as long as you are eating appropriately, they are quite in line with your strength [...]

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  • Jajko a estrogen

    Odżywianie i Odchudzanie

    [...] foods that inhibit estrogen. Knowing how your food affect the estrogen metabolism is an important part of managing the menopause and PMS. More information about food and diet can be found in our nutrition site. Foods Containing Natural Estrogens Estrogen Inhibiting Foods Foods Containing Natural Estrogens A number of different foods and herbs [...]

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  • [...] czasie wpływać niekorzystnie na poziom trójglierydów, HDL, LDL. Tłuszcze wielonienasycone ze względu na właściwości prooksydacyjne nie mogą stanowić zbyt dużego procentu diety. Pozostają, więc neutralne tłuszcze jednonienasycone i nasycone. W takim przypadku nie ma możliwości by całkowicie wyeliminować tłuszcze nasycone, a wszelkie próby mogą [...]

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  • Pomozcie prosze

    Trening w domu

    [...] in India and China. A number of beneficial health effects are attributed to regular consumption of green tea and dried/powdered extracts of green tea are available as dietary supplements Green tea is prepared by picking, lightly steaming and allowing the leaves to dry. Black tea, the most popular type of tea in the U.S., is made by [...]

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  • [...] agonist clenbuterol on skeletal muscle have been reported to be independent of actions on beta-adrenoceptors. In the present study clenbuterol, presented to rats in the diet (4 mg/kg), caused significant increases in gastrocnemius muscle mass, protein, and RNA content and a decrease in epididymal fat pad mass. These effects were not mimicked [...]

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    Odżywianie i Odchudzanie

    [...] is high, the incidence of breast, prostate and uterine cancer is substantially lower than in the USA (7). Moreover, in a group of caucasian (Australian) women, those whose diets included higher amounts of isoflavones and other phytoestrogens had a lowered incidence of breast cancer (8). Interestingly, the intake of soy in these women (derived [...]

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  • Nadmiar skory po ciazy...

    Zdrowie i Uroda

    [...] be extra skin there because it does not have the fat underneath it anymore to make the skin expand to where it was before." "The skin cannot go back in with just dieting alone because it doesn't have any more "fat" underneath it to get rid of, and it doesn't have the extra layers of fat on the body to cover anymore, so it [...]

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  • Ludzie narzekaja na TSE


    [...] A combination of tyrosine, capsaicin, catechines and caffeine may stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and promote satiety, lipolysis and thermogenesis. In addition, dietary calcium may increase fecal fat excretion. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the acute and subchronic effect of a supplement containing the above mentioned agents or placebo [...]

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  • Eugene Sandow -jak trenował?

    Z archiwum kulturystyki

    [...] " z http://www.fight-club.pl/art/37/_Eugene_Sandow_-pierwszy_kulturysta_%C5%9Bwiata Bardzo cenil sobie rowniez zimny prysznic ktory nazywal magicznym. Mysle ze dieta nie byla tu najwazniejsza. Rosyjski lew GEORGE HACKENSCHMIDT jadl niewiele miesa, pozniej przeszedl na wegetarianizm, ktory uwazal za idealny system odywiania. [...]

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  • [...] 279: E744-E751. The Correct Supplement Calculation What are safe and effective quantities of omega-3 and omega-6 PEOs for supplementation? As explained above, the western diet is estimated to contain an effective (still capable of oxygen-transference) ratio of a maximum of 6 to 1 omega-6 to omega-3. Additionally, we have seen that the majority [...]

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  • Cukier w diecie na rozbudowe miesni- pomocy!

    Odżywianie i Odchudzanie

    [...] the low GI group ( 0-55 GI) than from the high GI group (70 or higher), rather than trying to track and control the GI of every food that is eaten. (6). Yet, some popular diet books advocate avoidance of high GI foods. Zrodlo: The American Institute for Cancer Research 1759 R Street N.W., Washington, DC 20009 1-800-843-8114 [...]

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  • [...] nami w sklepie, a także podczas ustawki treningowej będzie Kamil Kluszczyński - „Kluszczyński Trenuje” – znany forumowicz sfd, utytułowany zawodnik kulturystyki, dyplomowany dietetyk, doświadczony trener personalny, który dodatkowo prowadzi swój catering dietetyczny. www.kluszczynskitrenuje.pl https://i.imgur.com/m2FatmF.png - Kluszczyński Fit [...]

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  • wegetarianizm - czy warto ?

    Odżywianie i Odchudzanie

    [...] for the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C., this study raises questions about vegetarian parents who feed their children vegetarian diets. Professor Lindsay Allen, director of the US Agricultural Research Service’s Western Human Nutrition Research Centre at the University of California at Davis, [...]

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  • Badania

    Odżywianie i Odchudzanie

    [...] nervous system, maybe by maintaining nerve-cell membranes. "It is an uphill battle now to reverse the message that 'fats are bad,' and to increase omega-3 fats in our diet," said Norman Salem Jr., PhD, who led this study at the Laboratory of Membrane Biochemistry and Biophysics at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and [...]

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  • Therma Pro


    [...] this relationship was only significant in current and former smokers. These findings are consistent with several other studies that indicated an inverse association between dietary intake of ß-carotene or provitamin A carotenoids and risk of cardiovascular disease, particularly among smokers (eg, References 23 to 2523 24 25 ). None of the [...]

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  • [...] in lean muscle mass or decreases in bodyfat levels. Most veterans will advise using prohormones after several years of training, to ensure you have a good feel for proper diet, nutrition and supplementation. Using prohormones under the age of 18 is a very bad idea; it can result in the closure of growth plates, thus resulting in permanently [...]

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  • ODCHUDZANIE - skuteczność metod

    Odżywianie i Odchudzanie

    In the study, researchers compared the effects of a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet against a high-carbohydrate, low-protein diet combined with exercise in 48 obese women. Both diets contained 1,700 calories, 30% of calories from fat, and about 17 grams of fiber. However, women on the high-protein diet substituted high-protein foods (e.g. [...]

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  • [...] 3times a week. L-Tyrosine can be used at 1-3g a day to help thyroid function, but its effectiveness is debatable. Switching to a higher carb, lower fat and lower protein diet is crucial in helping your thyroid bounce back after a cycle. A three-day carb up would be a good idea following a T3 cycle. This study demonstrates how important [...]

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