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Może mi ktoś to przetłumacz albo powie mi ktoś gdzie moge ściągnoć po polsku napisy do Filmu Cro cop stor - z góry dziękuje ( i napewno dam soga w każdym dziale )

{559}{590} Good evening dear viewers.
{600}{680} The material we are going to see tonight is only the shortened version of
{680}{620} 1:30 hour long DVD, which we
{620}{760} recorded last year for the Japan market,
{770}{840} about the name and character of Mirko CroCop.
{870}{950} Since then it's been over an year since the recording,
{950}{990} some things have already changed in the meantime.
{1000}{1180} However, since our Mirko whooped Bob, and since we are all still
{1180}{1240} euphoric, we couldn't resist not sharing with you the footage, so you all can see
{1240}{1280} how Mirko is a really humble guy.
{1280}{1388} Or as our people would say: Nur offnen wenn der Wagen halt. (open only when the car has stopped)
{1480}{1580} Privlaka is a small village, 251 km East from Zagreb,
{1580}{1670} Village where Mirko F. was born.
{1680}{1750} - Privlaka is a small village.
{1750}{1820} - with 4000 people, near Vinkovci, 12-13 km air line
{1870}{1970} At the entrance to the village, Mirko's jokes, inroad. A heist...
{2140}{2170} Who are you looking for?
{2175}{2230} ID please. - Our ID's?
{2270}{2300} It looks like everything is OK.
{2470}{2510} Good afternoon. - Good afternoon how are you?
{2510}{2550} We had a heist on the way. - Where?
{2550}{2600} Some plumbers with pipes attacked us.
{2880}{2940} - Every time before and after the fight
{2940}{3000} -I am here at my home, I rest my soul here. With my crew, my living legends
{3020}{3100} - We play cards, joke, roast some lamb, it's beautiful. It's my soul peace.
{3230}{3300} We can't roast a lamb without teeth.
{3510}{3560} Don't put this on camera, I’ll kick someone’s ass.
{3600}{3664} - This is house where I was born, I grew up here.
{3665}{3740} -I lived here till 1994, then I moved to Zagreb.
{3750}{3870} -I changed everything around house, the facade, new fence...
{3900}{3980} - there was a little saw mill, right there where the lamb is going to roast.
{4000}{4300} - nothing important (talking about working at saw mill)
{4330}{4370} So there you got your first muscles?
{4380}{4430} - Yes, but I was a fanatic, after
{4430}{4590} - all that hard work, I would really kill myself its was really hard, I went to lift some weights.
{4600}{4660} - I made this one myself. There, you see.
{4700}{4760} - I poured concrete, wait a little for it to harden, put in a bar, and waited a day.
{4760}{4860} - The next day I made the other side. Here, you see those are the jars from them pickles.
{4860}{4900} How much does it weight?
{4900}{4980} - I don't know, about 25-30 kilograms... don’t know.
{5000}{5050} - I made this in 5 grade (about 11-12 years old)
{5060}{5100} - My late father had a piece of a railroad track.
{5100}{5200} - I figured I could lift it, but it became too light
{5200}{5260} - then I saw that longer bars are heavier
{5270}{5350} - and my neighbor Ivan made me few different bars, one 35, one 40, one 45cm.
{5350}{5450} - so I had me a few pieces I lifted.
{5565}{5750} - This is legendary bar, I used to do pull-ups here.
{5820}{5830} Mladen Pemper - Police Inspector
{5830}{5920} We met back in 1974 in the hospital in Vinkovci, but then we probably didn’t know that.
{5920}{6000} We were born on the same day.
{6000}{6065} I went on to help him on one of his training
{6065}{6135} then I saw what he was all about. We had practiced
{6135}{6300} escaping the clinch, we were with out shirts. My hands were bloody,
{6300}{6380} but Mirko’s didn't even get red. That means that aside from all these hard practices and all, one part of all
{6380}{6480} that he's got in him, that strength and rawness was god given.
{6600}{6635} - Running in the morning by the railroad was obligatory in
{6635}{6720} - army boots. On the snow you couldn't
{6720}{6815} - raise your legs. it was very heavy like that for 5 km.
{6880}{6930} - Then showering and I would go in school.
{7000}{7060} - My punching bag was awning with sawdust inside leaking out.
{7060}{7130} - I use to punch that bag for few days than
{7140}{7170} - I would rip through it with punches.
{7190}{7270} - I must mention belt maker Chibo from Vinkovci.
{7270}{7300} - He repaired it over 100 times. It would last for 4-5 days, then rip on the stitches.
{7300}{7330} - Then back again to him, he wouldn't say a word, he would saw it back together and so on. Every now and then.
{7330}{7400} - Later he didn't want to take money for repairs.
{7480}{7520} There was a big shed and a garage, Mirko used
{7520}{7560} to practice kicks there a lot.
{7585}{7640} -I took a chalk and drew a man on the wall, like a silouethe.
{7660}{7730} - Then I would kick it for 2 or 3 hours. It would ring, vibrate, God help you...
{7760}{7790} - My father used to tell me 100 times at 11 at night to go to bed,
{7790}{7830} - to quit it and I would still go on.
{7830}{7920} - Little by little he would poke out bricks from that wall
{7920}{8010} then I had to repair it. I beg him not to
{8010}{8070} do that anymore. Every day I was repairing
{8070}{8135} the same hole.
{8140}{8200} - It isn't problem to poke out the brick, you could do it.
{8200}{8280} - Kick it and return back. I probably kicked million times on the same
{8280}{8360} - part, it's normal to break it, anyone else would poke it too.
{8370}{8450} - I worked here in saw mill,
{8455}{8500} when we finished the work he would
{8500}{8590} ask me to wrestle a bit with him
{8620}{8680} he was little, maybe 5th-6th grade,
{8700}{8780} when he got stronger he would hold my neck
{8780}{8840} and he wouldn't let go. I said:
{8840}{8890} "You're going to strangle me!", but no way.
{8890}{8940} Since then I didn't want to wrestle with him anymore. Who would wrestle with him?
{9120}{9170} How long were you fooling around like that?
{9170}{9220} - I am still fooling around
{9430}{9590} FEAR: - I am afraid of snakes, aggressive girls and loose
{9590}{9700} dogs over 60 kilograms.
{9710}{9790} VEGETABLES: - I never tasted that in my life,
{9790}{9870} - cucumber, tomato, especially something sour, green peppers and stuff, not even dead. Green Lettuce, nothing.
{9870}{9940} - I'd rather die than taste vegetables.
{9950}{10060}- SEX: - Necessarily evil, I ain't fan of it.
{10070}{10168} He was a surprise, we were waiting a girl,
{10170}{10250} we had over 100 girl names ready, but he surprised us.
{10260}{10350} Did you ever pull on his ear? - Oh yes.
{10360}{10460} - I am still dizzy from that KO I got 20 years ago.
{10480}{10550} - American ninja was in cinemas, we were hyped on that.
{10550}{10680} - Me and my smart ass godfather made wooden swords,
{10680}{10790} - on the side swords were very sharp. we ran into this
{10800}{10900} - corn field cutting over 300 meters of field,
{10900}{10990} - We were playing and fooling around, then the owner of the corn field
{10990}{11180} - came, and of course he told everything to my mother.
{11180}{11290} - I don't remember that KO, but I was dizzy for 2 months.
{11300}{11380} - I trained athletics you know, we were on some athletic tournament
{11380}{11450} - in Pozega I was running on 100m and the rest of the crew can't wait to run off their part,
{11450}{11550} - and I begged the trainer to let me run 400 m. Everybody was looking
{11550}{11680} - at me like I was crazy or something. Why would you run if you don't have to?
{11800}{11880} - One time on my friends birthday, back then who had the VCR? Nobody.
{11880}{11950} - Just at that time came the Blood Sport with Van Damme.
{11950}{12110} - When I saw Van Damme, his looks, moves,
{12110}{12180} -I said, to hell with the athletics, I became completely
{12180}{12260} - crazy about that sport. Even though I started lifting weights a couple years before that,
{12300}{12410} - that day was the last athletics training for me.
{12500}{12560} What if you two meet in the ring. - Who?
{12560}{12590} You and Van Damme.
{12590}{12640} - What is the difference between you and Van Damme?
{12640}{12676} He is little stronger than me. - Maybe little.
{12680}{12730} - If you could surprise him you would KO him.
{12630}{12760} - That boy trained Karate for some time, now its 15 years already, and ballet, his mother was
{12760}{12940} - ballet instructor.
{12970}{13122} - 170 high, about 70 kilograms, that’s funny to talk about. What does the movie mean?
{12122}{13200} - What? you watch Batman and he flies I guess? Or that Spiderman?
{13230}{13280} - What are you trying to say? Would you beat him up?
{13280}{13330} - Who? Van Damme.
{13330}{13380} - Come on, now... this is serious part now, don't make me laugh.
{13380}{13440} - Van Damme, no way.
{13500}{13540} If you hit me in face how much
{13540}{13570} kilograms would hit my face?
{13570}{13645} - Well it depends. right leg is hospital, left is cemetery.
{13700}{13770} - Whole body kicks, left leg on toes and then
{13770}{13840} - body rotation. Body rotation gives power to
{13840}{13900} - the punch . The standing leg has to rotate. you need to do it from here.
{13950}{14010} - This kick detaches your head.
{14070}{14120} How much do you train in a week?
{14120}{14160} - 5 times a week, two times a day. I have
{14180}{14220} - 10 trainings in a week.
{14220}{14320} - This is worst thing ever. Steel wire and I am barefoot.
{14330}{14420} - When this hit your toes. That sucks. Then it goes Pride Or Die. You fight to death.
{14520}{14590} - Now it will happen a couple times but I will just laugh it off like its nothing.
{15210}{15290} - **** the guy without strong neck right? What is your woman gonna hang on to?
{15420}{15450} What was that?
{15470}{15550} - I hold my body weight just on my forehead
{15690}{15760} - I don't like this exercise. I have to warm up my hands now.
{15860}{15900} Can you open a beer with your bare hands?
{15925}{15960} - I can open it with my eye.
{15970}{16020} Do you cry, maybe during the movie?
{16020}{16120} - I cried when I was watching Rambo 1
{16120}{16180} - when they put him in a jail, it wasn't cool,
{16180}{16230} - the man didn't do anything, so that drew a tear to my eye. The sheriff started it first
{16230}{16310} - I hate mistreatment. Peace, Freedom and Democracy for all.
{16750}{16800} - I would like to meet that sheriff which put
{16800}{16850} - Rambo in jail, he wouldn't be a thug then for a long.
{16950}{17040} - You know what's the definition of pain? It's when you're punching on the focusing pad
{17040}{17080} - with bare fists. With these small gloves its almost like without them.
{17080}{17130} - It brakes my joints man, I have to bandage it. my finger
{17130}{17230} - joints are all bloody after it.
{17240}{17280} - Price of my success is very big,
{17280}{17320} - but lot of people doesn't know that.
{17330}{17380} It's wooden? - Yes small leather
{17380}{17450} - cover with wood under.
{17560}{17590} HANDS TRAINER
{17590}{17640} No one can beat him on hands anymore
{17680}{17790} My elbows are hurting like hell but I must hold out.
{17810}{17900} - Ultimate fight in light version, without punching.
{17960}{18000} - In the corner is
{18070}{18140} - one of the best wrestlers in Croatia, strong as a bull.
{18140}{18180} - I'm trying to get him to fight in ultimate fight,
{18180}{18230} - but he said his wife doesn't won't let him.
{18437}{18595} As you can see here, there is no punching, here only a technique lasts. The best is the BJJ.
{18600}{18730} What are they trying to submit each other right? Submissions or a choke.
{18730}{18830} And what is the longest round here? Well the two of them worked on it for 20 minutes once.
{18830}{18940} But that was a light version.
{19140}{19200} How do you feel?
{19220}{19300} How do I look? Totally worn out.
{19320}{19400} This really costs physically and psychically.
{19500}{19550} You can't do this if you don't like it.
{19590}{19635} There is no money that can pay this.
{19870}{19950} - He is choking me. To strengthen the muscles. To better tolerate if
{19950}{20033} -I get strangled during the fight. Pain tolerance.
{20040}{20130} Did you get any consequences from that? Every day someone chokes you?
{20170}{20340} - Well there's a little bit of blood not going to the brain, but fffor nnow there isss no cccconsequences as I know
{20360}{20410} only consequence is that he is ugly. Why do you think
{20410}{20460} he has same girlfriend for 6 years.
{20470}{20520} - Look who is talking, he was a phenomenon in Bosnia. Do you know
{20520}{20590} - he already start walking when he was 6 months old.
{20620}{20670} - He was so ugly that no one would carry him around.
{20680}{20740} Now you'll pay for that. -I was joking.
{20890}{20950} Now I won't let him if he starts tapping
{21190}{21250} What? what?
{21280}{21400}What was it like during the war? - I was 17 years old in '91,I remember us coming here, us kids, my
{21500}{21650}best man and I, that night behind the sand. The tank column started from one place (irrelevant, pointing to the bridge),
{21650}{21850}anyway that bridge was blown up, and then started the shelling. Two boys, neighbors and friends died unfortunately.
{21870}{21970}Houses here by the plants were completely leveled. When them tanks were rolling they were taking it out on the houses.
{21970}{22200}Every house got two shells... To the ground. That was the beginning of the December. They reported from the Vinkovci high
{22210}{22360}school (gymnasium) that the classes are organizing to start. Some were going to Zagreb, some to Krizevci, I got Varazdin.
{22360}{22500}That's when Igor Varga and his family took me in. I spent 6 months over at his place. Unforgettable, most beautiful in my
{22500}{22700}life. The first thing I asked for when I came in was is there a kickboxing club here? They had either a boxing club or a
{22700}{22900}Karate club. Then I went first to the Karate club in Varazdin, right after the school. First day... I had to see where
{22900}{23000}is it. What can I do, I didn't like it. You know, them in the Gi-s, in line, standing, hitting the air with their fists...
{23000}{23150}That didn’t interest me. Then I saw a group of 5-6 of them in gloves and pads, fighting.
{23150}{23350}I asked the coach: "Can I go with them?" and he said: "go on, beat it, I don't care". The eldest among them, who led the
{23350}{23510}entire group Goran Cervecki, a legend from Varazdin. That's how I spent my unforgettable 6 months. Did you fight?
{23510}{23620} - Hell yeah. They would beat the crap out of me. But I didn't complain you know. It was like that, I was crazy about it.
{23620}{23750}Soon as the school would be finished, I ran to the gym, and I'd stay there till 9PM.I would get there first.
{23750}{23850}One old security guard would be letting me in earlier because I used to wait outside for an hour or two.
{23850}{23990}So I would warm up, do pushups, hit the bag, and then the guys would come, and I would do the practice with them,
{23990}{24140}and then stay afterwards for a shower and then catch the train home. I would come to the station, and wait for a 1.30-2.00h.
{24550}{24620}While I was in the military, my father passed away. My mom and I were left penniless.
{24620}{24710}From what money we had left, we made our father a tomb memorial and were really left with no money.
{24710}{24850}I remember it as if it was today, giving a request for a Police Academy, I wanted to go to Zagreb to train,
{24850}{24990}to get a chance to fight, that was my ultimate dream. K1 and stuff. And I submitted the request for the academy,
{24990}{25127}I go through the entry exams, and I have worked it all out ok, but I was under the entry line.
{25127}{25310}Mom crying, my heart wanted to break really. I had so much will and desire to do something, but you cant go head
{25310}{25500}through the wall right? I was playing cards with some guys in Vinkovci in a friends house, and I came in, and Drago is
{25500}{25690}coming, He was looking all over the town for me. He goes: "Right now in the car!" "Urgent, Urgent", I didn't know what's up,
{25690}{25815}I came home, my mom was crying, holding a paper. A telegram came in from the police academy that I WAS admitted.
{25815}{25940}Some link worked, I have tried from several sides for people to push me in. To this day, I don't know who enrolled me in.
{25940}{26020}Whoever that be, I am thankful for it.

{27560}{27735}We are at the premises of the Anti terrorist unit Lucko. I would like to say that I feel great here. I spend most of my free
{27735}{27855}time here, and I mostly sleep here. - You have an apartment in the other part of the town, but you're still here. Why?
{27855}{28010} I don't know, I rest here and I like it here. There are always guys here to play cards and joke around. I feel nice here.
{28010}{28305}- You into politics? Yes I am. Here I have 2-3 political magazines here, Budo International. How do you put the two jobs
{28305}{28520}together? Many people ask me that here, especially the Japanese cant believe that the paycheck here is measly 500 $.
{28520}{28720}The money wasn't that got me here in the first place though. It was my childhood dream to be in Special Forces, and the
{28720}{28880}best fighter in the world. I was lucky enough in life to see both of my dreams come true. I was persistent enough to fulfill both of my dreams.
{28940}{29155}This is the Falon assault weapon. Its for combat in open spaces... better range. This here is a Heckler & Koch with a
{29155}{29365}silencer, normally a much smaller range than Fal, but its used in close quarter entries.
{29365}{29525}- Which one is your favorite? like the Heckler. - Why? Well it doesn't recoil, its silent when firing, and its nicer to
{29525}{29700}shoot it, like firing from a toy. All you hear is Tap Tap Tap. - Do you get any special treatment here as a sportsman?
{29700}{29880}Well to be honest with you, I do. I don't have guard duty, the guys went to camp for 7 days in the woods, only
{29880}{30090}I didn’t have to, for obvious reasons. Seven days they spent sleeping in the tents. They dig themselves in the ground in
{30090}{30365}the woods and live off dry meals for 7 days. They come back sick, its bad. Blisters popped, I wouldn't recover for a month
{30365}{30565}from it. so it was understandable that the commander sparred me of all that. SoIdo get some minor privileges. It's
{30565}{30700}impossible for me to keep guard all night and train the next day and so. And the other stuff, I don't shun away from it.

{30700}{30735}How does the intervention look like?
{30735}{30895}- The guy on duty sounds the alarm for the response team that's in the base 24 hrs a day. They phone us, or since I’m here,
{30895}{31099}it's enough for them to shout out ALERT, and it takes me around 4 minutes to be ready in our vehicles already.

{31100}{31140}What when you're having a match?
{31140}{31270} - Well, when I’m having a match I'm not here. Then I'm in Japan. Then it's not worth calling me, because it would take me
{31270}{31410}about 2 days to come here. But, I’m always for a short time in Japan, 4 days total.

{31480}{31570}Shirt backwards, for good luck.- Really? Yes.
{31845}{31920}Kneepads in case I have to climb somewhere, to protect myself.
{32070}{32156}Kevlar vest is usually worn, but I won't this time. I won't need it.
{32625}{32640}Lets go!
{33370}{33420}So, what do you feel when you're doing this?
{33420}{33540}Adrenaline. Something similar like when you're fighting. We are using live ammunition, one has to be focused to the max,
{33540}{33690}especially if I’m working with my colleagues. Having a man in front of him, one cannot make a mistake. It's a high stress
{33690}{33800}job, and it takes a maximum concentration and not just anybody can be in the spec. forces.
{33800}{33960}- What is more joy, this practice or a practice in the ring? I think that this is still the bigger adrenaline rush.
{33960}{34113}The practice itself cannot be compared with this. Fighting maybe, but this is something special.

{34130}{34305}First you do the obstacle course, or some pushups, or some wrestling holds. I tell him, you're entering the room, and you
{34305}{34405}have a person you need to take in. So, it puts him in the stress situation, and he can't forget the ways of finishing the
{34405}{34533}mission. There is munitions check, cocking, and 100 more things.
{34725}{34785}Lay down! Other hand!
{34888}{35230}They are practicing the drawing of the weapon. - Why are you not doing it now? The crew is taking their training right now.
{35230}{35435}Why did you want to be a cop? - Well, I don't know. I wanted that as a kid. - What triggered you? A cop on a motorcycle?
{35435}{35713} - No, I wanted to be the Spec. Forces. Black jumpsuits and that got to me, just like martial arts did.
{35713}{35805}Were you reading the ninja novels and that?
{35835}{35940} - Yes, I did in the elementary school them ninja novels.
{35090}{36030}What are they doing?
{36120}{36340} - Breaking through the crowd. On the streets there could be a crowd, and you need to get through to reach the assailant, so they simulate it like that.

{36350}{36398}How did Mirko wind up in your unit?
{36398}{36518}"Comdr. Anti Terrorist Unit Lucko." Well this is the unit for the best, and since he is one of the best in his sport, he deemed himself
{36518}{36727} that he belongs here, and we are glad to have him here, because he is among the best.
{36737}{36975}Can he drive this vehicle? - Yes, he can, but we had one problem, he is too wide, so we had to widen the hatches a bit, otherwise he wouldn't fit in this normal hatch.

{36975}{30047}We noticed that he hates to lose in anything.
{30047}{37170}He gets up from the table, and flips it over, it takes 10 people to restrain him.
{37180}{37240}Here in the base, no one has defeated me in chess.
{37260}{37314}Nobody? - Well, NOBODY.
{37320}{37355}Did you play with anybody at all?
{37355}{37445}That gentleman over there, Mr. Pejic Damir played around 400 games with me, and didn't win one.
{37445}{37650}You know how people react, you know a boxer - dumb ass and that.Then I prove to everybody, you want chess?
{37650}{37700}Did you tell them for the two figures less?
{37700}{37820}I give him the rook and the runner, and with that I beat him. One time only have I got to beat him, and then he was angry and nervous.
{37820}{37920}One time I was on the way to beat him, but then he ran, because there was a roll call. He managed to escape on time,
{37920}{38000}he got away. But he is still strong, when he's playing with all figures, you can't beat him...

{38020}{38140}So far, I'm undefeated in free shoots, and he wouldn't beat me in penalty shots either.
{38140}{38230}He's skinny from the chess, he gets nervous a lot. It's the worrying...

{38230}{38420}Besides his practices, we put him in the role of the instructor as well. We are trying to use all of his athletic

{38430}{38630}So, he places the arm under, but don't goes on the neck, but grabs the neck from the underneath, and stretch him so the vertebrae’s break... Finished.

{38880}{39090}So you're in this position, belly to belly. Why? You'll get kneed in the nuts. I must protect myself, jerk on the side...
{39230}{39410}This was the display of one of our daily practices. These are all well trained people, used to things like this.
{39410}{39520} - Are there any potentials here? Well in any case, many of them could, if they would prepare well, and work on some
{39520}{39665}technique and condition, perform on the ultimate fight.

{39940}{40130}This is the space of the firm Zvonimir Security, which is on ownership of my manager, and my great friend Zvonimir Lucic,
{40130}{40320}who in fact discovered me. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn't be sitting here today.

{40330}{40630}I had me a club with a couple hundred students, and one boy came to practice that I noticed, he was very physically
{40630}{40937}complete, I saw that he had the predispositions for martial arts. From that moment, and that was around 7-8 years ago, I simply devoted myself to that guy.
{40937}{41140}While I was in the college, I made my money working as a bouncer in the clubs. Then when he saw my talent, and my will,
{41140}{40325}he enabled me to not to have to work. He gave me money every month, paid for my apartment, so I was with out worries.
{40325}{41455}So, I lived well, and could devote myself to the training only, and here, that paid off.
{41455}{41650}You know that today, a top sportsman, especially world famous such as Mirko Filipovic is, cant come out just out of
{41650}{41800}nowhere, out of hobby, with out financial, and moral support.
{41800}{42030}So I gave him all the backup that was needed. He was very humble, I must say. At the practice, he was very disciplined,
{42030}{42100}and very serious, and after the practice, he's as humorous as he is today.

{42115}{42286}Here, we're playing the old folk game, named Bela. Me and my partner Drago are the champions of our district (Slavonija and Baranja).
{42286}{42490}- Was there ever any bets? Here, I can quote my best man, he played over at my place in Zagreb, and I beat him,
{42490}{42630}with more cards. - What does that mean? Well he's got 10 cards and I got 12-13, and there's no way he can beat me.
{42630}{42777}But the dumb ass don't get it. I throw, one card and say: "Lets do it like this: If I beat you 5-0, and there's no way
{42777}{42887}for him to win one, you'll run naked to the curve on the road". And he said OK. He said it with attitude, because it's really
{42887}{42990}hard to get a 5-0. OF course, the score was 5-0,I had more cards than him.
{42990}{43221}And my best man, props to him, ran. I let him run in his boxers. He ran on some gravel like a horse, and hurt himself, oh my that was a laugh.
{43221}{43280}Kume! (Croatian for a best man on wedding). What naked?
{43330}{43370}"Mirko's best man, and vice versa" - Ah nothing. Don't believe him everything.
{43370}{43415}Come on, Kume! tell him. Well I’m embarrassed.
{43415}{43466}Well tell the truth. - Well it is the truth, there you go!

{43520}{43560}How old are you?
{43560}{43656}Well by the looks, I got around 45, by the intelligence 12, and in reality 27.
{43656}{43775}Do you have a tick? Yes, I shake my shoulder... that's the nerves, I don’t know... But it's been for a while now.
{43775}{43875}I don't know if that's the stress, or what. Sometimes my hand just flies off like this, I can't control it, you know.
{43875}{44044}In the sleep, I feel it, one time I banged my had like that, Bang like this, I awoke from the hit. One time my mother
{44044}{44135}broke down crying over it, but I told her, it would be even worse if I was digging the ditches (sewers).
{44180}{44260}There's a tick! Oh no, that was a fly behind my ear, not a tick.
{44270}{44310}Are you normal(sane)?
{44330}{44525}Well, yes, I am normal, but lucky, l-l-lucky beca-because of this sport I don't have any any any consequences f-f-f-or now.
{44525}{44611}But that don't mean they can't resurface la-la-later.
{44630}{44800}To be honest, I'm mostly scared of planes. All the rest is zero points all together. I'm always freaked out when it's taking off.
{44800}{44920}And the fighting and brawling and that, forget about it... - What symptoms do you have?
{44920}{45040}Well I don't have any symptoms, but I have to have two stewardesses sit in my lap.
{45070}{45120}Mirko, what does it feel like when you're going to Japan?
{45120}{45190}The trip is 11 hrs, but it seems like 111 hrs to me.
{45230}{45260}- Who are these young fellows?
{45260}{45440}The gentleman in the black shirt is professor Pokrajac, in the white shirt, with bangs in his eyes is Dr. Bencic,
{45440}{45530}and this is not Clark Gable, but Mr. Zvonimir Lucic my manager.

{45630}{45670}Are you watching a match in the van?
{45670}{45755}I don’t know who put that tape in, we watched some of my fights.
{45755}{45890}It is not a tape. It's direct on TV. - Yes. This is even on their TV.
{45920}{46035}And these are the clips from the press conference. Every press conference is the same.
{46035}{46160}The fighters come out, the most important thing is that they shake hands with each other in front on the journalists.
{46160}{46200}Who is this gentleman in the gray suit?
{46200}{46280}That is the owner of the K-1 tournament, Mr. Ishii.
{46280}{46390}This is one of my most certainly most zealous fans. She always waits for me, she always brings a gift,
{46390}{46490}some towels with checkered pattern (Croatian flag).
{46510}{46600}This is a standard procedure, photos in front of the hotel, an autograph here and there.
{}{46770}The lady in the red shirt is unavoidable. She was at all my matches.
{}{46950}She really follows me from the Fukuoka on the South, to the North, Tokyo, everywhere, she is really present at every tournament.
{}{47040}This is a legendary person that had picture taken with me for 345 times. Is that right?
{47090}{47180}Say Tako je (that’s right). Tako je.
{47190}{47270}And on what do you sign yourself on? What are the weirdest things you have signed?
{47270}{47370}The weirdest thing? Well, I can't tell that because of my wife.
{47440}{47490}Give me a takedown, I'm bored.
{47490}{47600}This is me and Mike, we had a conflict here concerning lunch. There was some problem.
{47600}{47660}There, he tapped.
{47660}{47800}Here is a little bit of stripping. I hope Igor wasn't embarrassed, but lucky for him I couldn't get it off all the way.
{47800}{47900}He wasn't wearing his thong. He wears thongs, but I don't know what was with him today.

{47910}{48015}This happens when naive players take your word for something and suck on a triangle.
{48015}{48150}You can now resist, I have closed my triangle, you see, and now look, from here tape this, he is now dead here.
{48150}{48222}You have squeezed me! I know I have squeezed you! Look at this down here...
{48222}{48320}Does it hurt? - It doesn't but I have Blood in my head.
{48320}{48470}Our dear friend Yankee he is a cameraman who unfortunately was unlucky enough to ask some stupid questions
{48470}{48550}while we were playing cards, so I made a recess and explained
{48550}{48630}to him that he shouldn't do that anymore, interrupting us while we play cards.
{48640}{48700}You see it good on the cam? Do you give up huh?
{48700}{48880}I think his childhood unwound in front of his eyes, but ok here, the worst is gone.

{49240}{49360}This is goofing off, we found some Japanese in the room next to us, so we splashed them with water.
{49360}{49460}We did that with everybody. Nobody opened their door in the hotel. It took 15 checks...
{49460}{49560}Swear on it! On your mother! I don't have a bucket! and stuff like that.
{49560}{49630}Otherwise there's no chance to get the door opened, you get a bucket immediately.
{49630}{49700}Till when did you play cards? - Till 5 in the morning.
{49700}{49880}This is a check weigh in. I had to be at 98 Kilos for this match. I dropped 5 kilos.
{49950}{49990}Do you hang out with your opponents?
{49990}{50100}Before the fight no, but after the fight, we often sit down at the table together, or if we run into each other in the city
{50100}{50190}or at the dinner we sit at the same table.
{50190}{50230}What is Igor Cvitanovic doing here?
{50230}{50320}He's playing for the Shimitsu Plus, the Japanese first league soccer club.
{50320}{50360}Before every match he greets me here.
{50360}{50520}This is the first time that I managed to have him with me in the dressing room. - It was good to have him with us.
{50520}{50760}He helped to comment the matches before. We didn't know what was happening until he explained some moves that Minotauro did to Sapp.
{50760}{51020}What is checked here? - Blood pressure, body temperature.. that's the most important, and the pulse, heart rate.
{51020}{51190}Did anyone fail the exam? - Nah. That's just pro forma... There's nothing to fail here,
{51190}{51290}everyone's ready. I think it never happened as far as I know.
{51390}{51525}Stand with souvenirs, shirts, and all other stuff, figurine’s, pictures.
{51525}{51577}Here you look a bit sleepy on the picture.
{51577}{51660}They just woke me up for the shoot, and I didn't feel like doing it.
{51690}{51820}How many souvenirs of you are there? All together I think there's 17 products.
{51820}{51995}What do you eat before the match? The 7 hours before the match I always take a bit of fruit, some energy bars, chocolate and so.
{52050}{52125}I see plenty of women here coming to the match.
{52125}{52270}That's always the problem with my matches, I don't know what do those women see in me, but here, there's more women than men here,
{52270}{52435}it's a burden that I'll bear. I don't know why I affect women in that way. I’m joking a little. I can't be cocky.
{52435}{52600}This missy is checking if she's got my number, unfortunately, she doesn't. Unfortunately for her of course.
{52665}{52770}These are my legendary audience. They wait a lot.
{52770}{52810}What are you dreaming?
{52810}{52870}What did I dream? How I whooped Sakuraba.
{52880}{53060}This is bandage control. - So they sign? Yeah so I don't take it off, so I don’t put something under, like a horse shoe or something like that.
{53090}{53180}This is my exit to the ring, the whole crew is here.
{}{53340}Do you get goose bumps when you here the audience roar? Well when I hear my song, is when I get the goose bumps. Wild boys.
{}{53430}Why did you pick it? I don't know. I like that song, and I enjoy in it.
{}{53560}And I never listen to it just like that, but only when I come out to a match.
{54050}{54280}Beautiful ambience if one can relax that much to enjoy in it. I really do. Afterwards it's even fore fun.
{54400}{54500}I’m here on the ground with Sakuraba, he managed to take down, but...
{54540}{54650}You almost fell asleep. - I almost fell asleep from boredom, he couldn't do anything.
{54670}{54760}Lucky, that Mike was yelling to keep me awake. This is already the end of the fight.
{54780}{54890}After this came the heel kick to the eye, and I broke his orbital bone.
{54930}{55120}He couldn't go on. Even if he didn't get a kick in the eye, his leg was so damaged, I don't think he could continue the match.
{55120}{55240}His leg was so swollen from my kicks, he barely moved around the ring, nothing would come out of that.
{55285}{55465}Our Flag... I didn't realize that those were our people, our doctors, that were on some seminar, in the dark, I couldn't see.
{55465}{55560}I thought it were Japanese holding it, but I went to say hi.
{55560}{55660}At the end, me and Mike went on with training, because the match was set for 3 rounds,
{55660}{55750}and I have finished after the second, so I missed the 3rd round.
{55750}{55790}Press conference after the fight.
{}{55900}Here we fell asleep, me and Mike. Somebody asked a stupid question, and we fell asleep.
{55900}{56000}This is the party after the match, I was there for about 2.30 minutes.
{56045}{56125}Here we are, finally, on the holy Croatian ground.
{56125}{56260}The manager organized some tambourine players to sing me a little. "My house at the end of the village" my favorite song.
{56260}{56375}My wife, mother, you can see my father in law in the background.
{56375}{56440}Fidel Castro holding a speech, Mr Lucic.
{56440}{56520}Message for the end? - Be Ready! You're Next!
{56930}{57000}"Klaudija F. Mirko's wife" First time I was on the match was in Zagreb.
{57000}{57216}And last time when he had it with Fujita in August. After that I don't think I'll be going. It was horrible.
{57216}{57370}Every hit can be deadly, but I hope it won't happen to him.
{57370}{57550}I never watch, I first hear from him. Then it takes some time for me to be able to watch it.
{57550}{57675}All my tears couldn't keep him from it. - So there were tears from you? Very much.
{57700}{57985}I met Mirko when my mom and his neighbor were in the same hospital, I went on to visit her, in Privlaka, and so I met Mirko there.
{57985}{58180}What I like about him is that he is very persistent. And he fulfills all his goals to the max.
{58180}{58320}What is the most sexy on Mirko? - Well Mirko. His whole body is sexy to me.
{58320}{58540}Women first of all has to be educated, must have good manners, I don't like harsh words coming from women. Must be good looking,
{58540}{58622}and must not ask many questions.
{58670}{58786}Who would you like to meet? - Clint Eastwood. He's a legendary face.
{58786}{58970}Are you bloodthirsty in daily life? No, I'm not. Nah. I'm sick of it in this kind of life.
{58970}{59177}Soccer, or a world championship, or any soccer game can be watched by mother, father, and kids, and your fights they can't.
{59177}{59324}Why can't they? The guys like to watch it. It's brutal. It's no soccer.
{59324}{59440}But yet again, everyone had at least one fight in his life, we're talking like men here right?
{59440}{59545}I'm fascinated by it. That's why I have started doing it.
{59545}{59695}A Minotauro from the deadly position pulls out a triangle to a Olympic winner. That's grand mastery.
{59695}{59825}There is not such a thing in a service, Ace, or a free kick in soccer .
{59840}{59905}Is that not an art? It is a grand art!

{59924}{59980}FRIENDSHIP: The most beautiful thing in the world.

{60000}{60050}VIAGRA: What is that?

{60080}{60140}LAUGHTER: A thing I can't do without.

{60160}{60280}PLACE FOR EXCHANGE OF FONDNESS: A soccer field. But over night. When you have a big space... freedom...
{60280}{60430}If the babe starts running you'll catch her for sure, you won't break your self in some bushes.

{60445}{60520}BAD CHARACTER TRAIT: I get angered quickly, but I can still control it.

{60550}{60630}IF I WAS AN ANIMAL, I WOULD BE... I would like to bee my dog. - Why?
{60630}{60705}Because he's living the best life in the world. I don't know if any other creature is living like that.

{60800}{60905}Give me another one, this one wasn't good. Give me a kiss!

{60960}{61050}How come you have _______ pekinezer, and not a pit bull.

{61050}{61150}Well there's a saying: **** the dog if you can't hit him.
{61150}{61250}So if you were to hit a rotweiler, he would rip off your leg.
{61250}{61420}Nah, I'm kidding. I'd like to have a bigger dog maybe, but pekinezer is a must as a house pet. I love him.
{61420}{61520}Mickey is sleeping in bed with me, he's got a pillow right next to mine.
{61520}{61620}He is getting a bath every night before sleep, washing his feet after the walk.
{61620}{61700}What, his feet smells? - They don't but he walks around everywhere so you have to wash it.
{61700}{61772}One time my wrist watch stopped from fear.
{61772}{61900}I'm sensitive to him. He got to me. It was mating period, and he left after some bitch.
{61900}{62040}That night I died from fear. It was perhaps the worst moments of my life.
{62040}{62160}And he's gone for the whole night. I got in the car, I went around all neighborhoods,
{62160}{62230}completely, screaming for the whole night till 5 AM I was looking for him, and he's not there.
{62230}{62430}The other day, already there was a PA on all the radio stations, and he's not around.
{62430}{62550}I plastered the whole neighborhood, a big reward to whoever finds him, for any info.
{62550}{62680}And on the 3rd day, I didn't eat for two days, I swear to you, it's unbelievable how much I was upset over the dog,
{62680}{62870}I'm standing on the balcony, about to faint from sorrow, and he's coming, approaching slowly.
{62870}{62970}I didn't believe it, ran out, he was full of weeds, he was out somewhere with a lady.

{63700}{63790}And the loser gets...

{63830}{63885}Hey doctor! This is for the penalties!

{64010}{64060}Jesus! - Ok.
{64100}{64130}Hit him hit him!

{64180}{64275}"Vlado Eremija - The frog" We eat what we catch! There's no easy food here.
{}{64410}The pig! This is the attraction.

{65320}{65355}Let's go!

{65770}{65800}**** it!

{66200}{66340}Hey, you can tell he's training.

{66390}{66485}This was the demonstration of the ultimate fighting of our Cro Cop Team from Privlaka.

{66485}{66630}The Frog here is the undisputed champ, he defended the title, he could go into sumo wrestling no problem.

{66660}{66700}A joke! He's gonna break me!
{66700}{66755}It's only a joke, cut the crap! No way, he would break me because i was joking he has no teeth!
{66800}{67020}My wife wouldn't recognize me. Come on! No fight, its just a joke.

{67370}{67420}No! NO! Stop!
{67660}{67780}When the ref says... Listen! No below the belt, when the ref says stop, the fight is stopping. Is that clear?

{}{67845}Step back, move over there everybody!Fight!

{68430}{68480}Stop it!

{68590}{68630}Lets go!

{69130}{69185}Get back to the ring!


{69685}{69715}Don't laugh hey!

{69830}{69860}Give him water!

{69870}{69980}Hey Papro! Are you ok? It's ok.

{69990}{70060}Pour him with the water!

{70115}{70150}The tongue! The tongue!

{70170}{70250}It was a joke... **** it. - It's ok. Give me a mineral water.

{70420}{70510}It was a joke, **** it. - Never mind... - Don't take it serious.

{70560}{70790}He hit me more times. He hit me 10 times in the head. I see your lips red a little. Ok, never mind!

{70815}{71040}We were counting on them fighting by the rules, this wasn't by the rules, because he intently hit him in the head. Where is that? In what sport?

{71100}{71290}Well the desire was so big, and unfortunately we found only one pair of gloves, so we split it one each, but the front hand was not to be used.
{71290}{71490}I even counted on them running in the circle, as it was, no real shots, but he, found him with a good shot, knocked him down.
{71490}{71640}Hey, I died from fear. Now it's funny, now it's gone, but... it wasn't to laugh at.

{71910}{72240} Translated and edited by Hamush and Neno.

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W sumie idzie zrozumiec o co tam chodzi

I Cro Cop nie wykłada tam żadnej filozofii

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skad sciagnac film , bo napisy juz przeczytalem

trust no one

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ja mam napisy w PL do Cro Cop story, ale jest ich chyba tylko 50 - 60 %
znalazlem kiedys na DC
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mozna skrecic ekipe i sie tym zajac. Powinno pojsc gladko. Ale najpierw niech nasz serwis MMA ozyje...
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Na tym hubie tez jest dużo walk i cro cop stor też jest


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