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30 kłamstw w kulturystyce.

breakdown . furthermore, additional adipose mass can radically alter hormone balances which are responsible for controlling protein breakdown in muscle. insulin balance, for one, which partially controls anti catabolism in the body, is impaired by

Data: 2003-02-07 09:52:30 | Dział: Trening dla zaawansowanych | Autor: dE^SiRE | Liczba SOGów: 21 | Trafność: 1644 |

Polecam ciekawy tekst o BJJ

of my work as a clinical psychologist. parents are often interested in helping their children develop focus, self control and confidence . i have been asked on several occasions how this, in fact, comes about. much has been written about the

Data: 2002-06-04 10:16:20 | Dział: Scena MMA i K-1 | Autor: Pawel M | Liczba SOGów: 1 | Trafność: 1641 |

Substancje zwiększające poziom testosteronu

walid h. el tantawy, abeer temraz, omayma d. el gindi, drug bioavailability center, national organization for drug control and research, cairo, egypt, pharmacognosy department, faculty of pharmacy for girls, al azhar university, cairo, egypt

Data: 2009-03-28 08:50:56 | Dział: Odżywki, Suplementy | Autor: banangti | Liczba SOGów: 4 | Trafność: 1640 |

EPA & DHA (omega 3) - poprawia wrażliwośc insulinową

acid diet would improve endocrine function in 6 men and 6 women aged over 60 years. subjects first ate an isocaloric control diet for 6 weeks, followed by an 8 week experimental diet, which included 720 g of fatty fish weekly plus 15 ml of sardine

Data: 2011-02-04 14:24:59 | Dział: Badania Naukowe | Autor: solaros | Liczba SOGów: 7 | Trafność: 1640 |

[ART] Rola No-boosterów we wspomaganiu wysiłku w sportach sylwetkowych, siłowych itp.

nos inhibitor n omega nitro l arginine methyl ester hydrochloride did not accelerate activation of unstretched control satellite cells, and hgf was not released into the medium. conditioned medium from unstretched cells that were treated with a

Data: 2010-04-29 00:08:52 | Dział: Odżywki, Suplementy | Autor: MolderDist | Liczba SOGów: 4 | Trafność: 1638 |

grappler quest 2003

chris bailey maguilla bjj 2nd place bill alexander yamasaki 3rd place christiano grangerro ground control 4th place ben wellek maguilla bjj novice lightweight 150 159.9 lbs. : 1st place duke koblinsky baltimore

Data: 2003-04-05 10:52:45 | Dział: Grappling | Autor: Vithal | Liczba SOGów: 0 | Trafność: 1637 |

Bodybuilding vs. Martial arts

you off of them, which doesn t work if you know how to turn your hips, shift your base, and maintain a stable side control generally, all they have from underneath is the push with the arms and bridge no hip mobility, so it s relatively easy

Data: 2004-09-15 10:22:39 | Dział: Combat / Samoobrona | Autor: KoZiK | Liczba SOGów: 6 | Trafność: 1635 |

Glukozamina - wyniki badań dla zainteresowanych

poważne, kontrolowane, oparte na ślepej próbie. glukozamina v.s. placebo. wynik remis... randomized, controlled trial of glucosamine for treating osteoarthritis of the knee. rindone jp, hiller d, collacott e, nordhaugen n, arriola g.

Data: 2008-02-03 16:04:28 | Dział: Odżywki, Suplementy | Autor: faftaq | Liczba SOGów: 15 | Trafność: 1634 |

ODCHUDZANIE - skuteczność metod

co mówią o tym wyniki prac naukowych : ballor et al 1988 studied 4 groups of subjects. the first group was a control the second group ate below maintenance; the third group performed resistance training only; and the fourth group

Data: 2006-01-04 15:38:44 | Dział: Fitness | Autor: | Liczba SOGów: 4 | Trafność: 1634 |

Kreatyna - faza ładowania vs bez fazy ładowania -> Strategie suplementacyjne

phosphocreatine circuit, which is related to the mitochondrial function as a highly organized system for the energy control of the subcellular adenylate pool. in pharmacokinetics terms, creatine entry into skeletal muscle is initially dependent on

Data: 2011-03-19 00:21:31 | Dział: Badania Naukowe | Autor: solaros | Liczba SOGów: 6 | Trafność: 1634 |

amerykanskie FDA znalazlo syf w jelfie

food, drug, and cosmetic act the act [21 u.s.c. § 351 a 2 b ] in that the methods used in, or the facilities or controls used for, their manufacture, processing, packing, or holding do not conform to, or are not operated or administered in

Data: 2011-08-02 11:51:30 | Dział: Doping | Autor: chudzina | Liczba SOGów: 3 | Trafność: 1633 |

Wszystko co chciałbyś wiedzieć o aerobach

excess postexercise oxygen consumption epoc, aka residual thermogenesis significantly more than the fasted control group in both cases. the high intensity treatment had more fat oxidation during the recovery period than the low intensity

Data: 2006-04-11 18:29:33 | Dział: Fitness | Autor: | Liczba SOGów: 7 | Trafność: 1633 |

Cwicze od wczoraj ;P ocen mnie :DDD

2007/20071102175335 bedą 4 zdjęcia, nie pisac póki nie skoncze... zmieniony przez orgasm w dniu 2007 11 02 17:53:35

Data: 2007-11-02 17:51:02 | Dział: Galeria Zdjęć | Autor: OrGaSm | Liczba SOGów: 4 | Trafność: 1633 |

JKD nowy temat

in the business greco roman wrestlers are among the best at dealing with the clinch. they have to move around, control and throw another trained opponent who is fully resisting. critics of wrestling discount its technical aspects, maintaining

Data: 2002-11-05 13:51:13 | Dział: Scena MMA i K-1 | Autor: Kenjiro | Liczba SOGów: 4 | Trafność: 1631 |

Kreatyna - kofeina + kreatyna = złe połączenie?

of these measures indicated a difference in hydration status as a result of the dietary intervention in either the control or tea condition. a difference was, however, found in mood, with subjects reporting reduced fatigue when tea was included in

Data: 2011-08-08 05:04:24 | Dział: Badania Naukowe | Autor: solaros | Liczba SOGów: 5 | Trafność: 1631 |


paltry anti e dosages of the typical bber, is it any wonder that, late in the cycle, estrogen levels build up out of control and bodyfat follows estrogen and anti e: it is an obsolete belief that estrogen is necessary in any cycle. indeed,

Data: 2005-07-18 16:19:39 | Dział: Doping | Autor: Kazam | Liczba SOGów: 4 | Trafność: 1630 |

Efedryna, kofeina - badania naukowe i ciekawostki. Skutki uboczne.

modified crossover design. the effects of ephedrine were determined by comparing the differences between drug and control conditions using paired t tests. the test battery included measures of muscle strength, endurance and power, lung function,

Data: 2008-07-22 16:32:07 | Dział: Odżywki, Suplementy | Autor: _Knife_ | Liczba SOGów: 10 | Trafność: 1630 |

Wakacyjny konkurs z firmą TREC (lipiec) by IneTheEnd - Beta-alanina

1.71 times higher in type iia fibres, increased equally in both type i and iia fibres. no increase was seen in control subjects. taurine was unchanged by 10 wks of supplementation. 4 wks beta alanine supplementation resulted in a significant

Data: 2011-07-30 23:48:31 | Dział: Odżywki, Suplementy | Autor: IneTheEnd | Liczba SOGów: 25 | Trafność: 1629 |

Hydroxycut - USA, wycofany ?!

and the vitamin shoppe, includes pills, drinks and powders marketed to increase energy, burn calories and fat, and control appetite. the maker reported selling more than nine million units of the brand last year, according to the f.d.a. that

Data: 2009-05-05 03:00:41 | Dział: Odżywki, Suplementy | Autor: BPL-G | Liczba SOGów: 0 | Trafność: 1628 |

Jakim rodzajem chwytacza jestes?

if you go light he taps you for not pressuring and thus giving up position. if you are in between he just controls you and sweeps or reverses you at will. when you look at him in disbelief he just looks at you like what... did time run out

Data: 2005-11-14 01:40:15 | Dział: Grappling | Autor: pinecone85 | Liczba SOGów: 12 | Trafność: 1627 |
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