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    2011/20110824210827.png back to the rules hi tec rules rozpoczynamy sezon kulturystyczny z mega konkursem!!! do wygrania 3 zestawy odżywek

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  • TEST: `My możemy - wy chcielibyście` by sLs (aka `bAck In thE gAmE`).

    prolog. ‘ hejter czyli nikt………….. kulturysta byłem od zawsze, eeeeeeeeeeeeee………… to znaczy zawsze chciałem być, eeeeeeeeeeeee to znaczy kiedys,dawno temu! nawet ziomy z podwórka mówili mi ze niezle

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  • Progression of the Bench

    for others, i d like to share my experience in training and bench press competitions with an article series. a little background information first i ve been competing in the bench press for eight years. ever since i was eight years old and received

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    self massage for 5 minutes a night. 10. don`t focus on just jumping, it`s no use being able to touch the top of the backboard if you can`t make a free throw. now to the workouts themselves. you must do the stabiliser section everyday except your

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    an early sabbatical from fighting, 22 year old last man standing president/ceo leonard fresquez convinced kerr to step back into the ring. the smashing machine gave me a new lease on life, said kerr. over 8 million people reportedly saw the

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  • Muzyka klubowa na CD sprzedam (mp3/cdaudio)

    pacou track 1 running bob sinclair white label salome de bahia outro lugar santos it s my funk superfunk back to disco superfunk drop the bomb africa tour mix by demon ritchie superfunk electrique ! superfunk it s like jazz

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  • [ART] Oszukane posiłki [cz.II] - carb nite & carb back loading

    1 [color=red]carb nite[/color] [img]http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/1570/fmcw.png[/img] & 2 [color=red]carb back loading[/color] [img]http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/3918/to9p.png[/img] jeśli chcemy uzyskać szczupłą sylwetkę ,

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  • 30 kłamstw w kulturystyce.

    1986 . the exception would be the body parts that are so big that they have distinct geographical areas, like the back which obviously has an upper, middle and lower part. the chest might also fall into this category, as it has a distinct upper

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  • ARNOLD SZWAJCENEGER-niecenzurowany wywiat

    day when franco columbu walked into the gym, went down into a squat with 500 pounds on his shoulders and couldn t come back up. someone had to lift the weight off. i reminded franco that four people from new york were watching the great franco

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  • HIIT nie tak skuteczny w spalaniu tkanki tłuszczowej jak uważano.

    miejscu. 1. poszczenie zwieksza katecholaminy patrz wyzej . 2. poszczenie zwieksza podskorny przeplyw krwi, co znaczy ze katecholaminy latwiej dosiegna wyzej wymienione obszary. engfeldt i linde 1992 :

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  • super masa w 3 tygodnie

    it looks like i m not even moving. after 60 seconds, the grip touches my stomach . now i start to let the weight back down the whole way to the stack very slowly. ninety seconds have passed since the set begun and my back muscles burn like

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    you get placed below someone like shawn ray who has not gained so much as 5 pounds of tissue since first turning pro back in 1987. i mean, if we took the top bodybuilders from 1987 and had them somehow compete today, not one of them—except for lee

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    wiele ciekawych kwestii i mysle ze kazdy kto go przeczyta bedzie pod wrazeniem... zycze wiec milej lektury... background: i began bbing with a trainer from germany. in educating me, he related to me that, in his time bbing there, european

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  • Man - Scorch Reveal The Steel

    [img]/obrazkisfd/zdjeciasfd2/747a58cf8527489a93ddf826e6eae39c[/img] [size=big] man scorch reveal the steel [/size] scorch reveal the steel to skuteczny preparat wspomagający redukcję tkanki tłuszczowej. posiada

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  • The Strongest men who ever lived

    do 585 for 10 reps and if he trained solely on powerlifting . he d no doubt bench 800 ..or more.. he could do 420 x 19 back when he was 19 years old with only two years training... steroids or not, he has great genetics.. if he were a short man

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  • Jakim rodzajem chwytacza jestes?

    risk taker this guy does such unexpected, often ridiculous stuff that ends up working because you weren t expecting a back handspring guard pass or head stand to armbar from halfguard, etc. the mailman this guy takes the same route for 2 years

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  • Buy The Team III

    2007/20070727105613 2007/20070727105600 w trzeciej edycji buy the team nastąpiły spore zmiany. została wprowadzona ii liga. po tym sezonie pierwsza trójka będzie miała prawo do

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  • Burn the fat by Tom Venuto

    [http://www.fitren.com ,firmy] konsultingowej i wydawnictwa zajmującej się zdrowiem i fitnessem oraz autorem burn the fat, feed the muscle bffm sekretów jak spalać tłuszcz najlepszym kulturystów i zawodników fitness. tom napisał

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  • K-1 'Dynamite 2008' - wyniki SPOJLER!

    dives for a takedown and gets him down with a little effort, but nakamura scrambles and pulls out an arm. he falls back with it, but tokoro defends well and escapes. tokoro scrambles to his feet, takes nakamura’s back and nakamura breaks his grip

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  • The HARDCORE LEAN MASS CYCLE by sLs (Nutrabolics atakuje: part 1of3)

    test niesponsorowany the hardcore lean mass cycle by sls nutrabolics atakuje: part 1of3

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